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Though winter real estate tends to cool off, this year’s trends show a continued hot market now and into the new year. Fall 2020 saw buyers ready to purchase, eager to take advantage of low mortgage interest rates, yet the low inventory of houses on the market often created a bidding scenario of multiple offers above asking price. On the buyer side, many factors are keeping house hunters actively searching through the Fall and into this Winter.

The increase in work from home, combined with school systems that have gone to remote instruction, both factor into adjusting families’ priorities around what they want in a home. Buyers are looking for enough space for everyone, including a home office, perhaps a workout room, and a yard big enough to accommodate more people at home. The value of making one’s  home the center of family life is uppermost for many people. Also, buyers are taking advantage of low interest rates.

Winter Market Trends

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People are also trending out of big cities to large towns and suburbia, and Ann Arbor plus the surrounding area of Ypsilanti, Dexter, and Saline, make the ideal destination for these homehunters. As inventory remains low and buyers are eager to relocate, it’s a great time to sell your home. This is definitely a seller’s market.

With Sam Vail’s pricing strategist advisor credentialing, he knows how to price your home to sell it, not to let it sit on the market. Two recent listings of Sam’s this Fall were on the market for only one weekend before going under contract, with multiple offers above asking price.


Whether you are buying or selling, who you work with matters. The Sam Vail Group buyer’s agents keep on top of new listings as they appear on the market and immediately notify their clients, so as not to miss the opportunity to make an offer. Our buyer’s agents do their due diligence to keep on top of the local market because listings are available for only a short time before going under contract. Working with one of our buyer’s agents will help you define exactly what you are looking for, to position you to be ready to make that offer under these intense market conditions.

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