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Starting to plan for a home sale? Then you should know that home staging is almost always a vital element of a successful home sale. Home staging is not a new practice; however, it has gained popularity in today’s challenging market. Many home sellers mistakenly consider staging as home decoration or renovation. However, professional staging is different. Staging is a great tool for marketing your home sale, as it transforms your home into something that potential home buyers can easily imagine as their home. Staging dramatically accelerates the home selling process when done professionally or via a DIY approach with the help of a design expert or an experienced real estate agent.

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Home Staging – An Attraction for the Buyers

According to Accredited Staging Professionals Survey StagedHomes, a training firm, 94% of staged homes were sold just in one month or less, on average, and stayed for 80% less time on the market than the ones not staged.

Staging is purely based on design and conceptualization practices. The goal is for potential buyers to envision the property as their own home where they view themselves happily living. It’s all about developing a space that buyers emotionally connect to, where they feel like the owner and not a guest. As a home seller, you should make your home as impersonal and attractive as possible to excite the buyer’s visual keenness.

Home staging is also effective as it highlights the property’s strengths and hides its weak points. It shows your home at its maximum potential. Through staging, the property has a nice positive first impression. It attracts the admiration and attention of potential buyers, and convince them that the home fits their needs and requirements. With over 70+ years in successful staging experience,



The phrase “less is more” works wonders in your home selling process. You will be surprised to know that personal memories and clutter don’t sell the house. Potential buyers don’t like to feel that they are entering a family home video. If you want to make your home appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers, think about giving up your excess furniture and sentimental elements, by temporarily renting a storage space or using a relative’s extra basement space to store the “extra” stuff. On a walkthrough with an agent, prospective buyers love to walk through a neat, tidy, and spacious space, and it can make all the difference in their initial critical impression.



Most everyone decorates their home based on their likes and dislikes; however, removing personal decorations is another key element to a successful home staging. Potential buyers don’t want to feel as if they are creeping around someone else’s home. So, when your home is up for inspection, remove personal stuff like plaques, uniquely appointed rooms (seriously your man cave may have to go), trophy cases or display areas, family pictures, etc., so that buyers can be able to picture themselves in the home.

Perfectly staged bathroom pic



Don’t think that potential buyers won’t notice a nude portrait just because you hid it in your bedroom cupboard. Potential buyers are quite a nosy bunch – they might be opening cupboards and drawers to check out the storage space, so all these areas require attention. Keep them properly organized and remove anything that looks like or could be considered as “junk.” Make it clear that the available storage space in all areas of your home where it is applicable clearly shine as areas to help everything be organized, put away correctly, and easily organized.



Clearing your home of excess furniture and sentimental personal items won’t be enough to ensure successful viewings by multiple potential buyers if they still notice overflowing trash bins lurking outside or accumulated dust and cobwebs in windows and corners. To make the most of the staging, you must ensure thorough deep cleaning of the home, on an ongoing basis until the offer, including kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and entryways. A little daily effort can pay off big time in the long run.



Although home staging can be done via a DIY approach, it is often a great alternative option to explore to bring in the opinion of a third-party specialist like an interior design expert, a staging company that has excellent customer reviews, or experienced real estate agents who can bring objectivity and neutrality to achieve your home sale and staging goals based on their extensive experience and recommendations. At the end of the day, when you are thinking of selling, home staging is a great way to boost your home’s appeal during a listing process, and increase your chances to not only make the sale, but make the most lucrative deal possible.

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