Situated along the banks of the Huron River and Mill Creek, Dexter is a popular and friendly town located around 10 miles northwest of Ann Arbor. With an extensive network of walking trails, parks, and a well-organized environmental awareness plan, Dexter is a city where one can live and enjoy the green side of life.

One of the numerous trails in the area guides visitors into the downtown district, where they can discover a range of historical, shopping, and dining experiences. Due to its diverse and affordable real estate market, Dexter is a great residence for those planning on living or retiring in style in the Ann Arbor area.


Ann Arbor’s diverse community is known for a range of attractions, including over 200 restaurants; a multitude of shopping areas, including the year-round Ann Arbor Farmers Market; galleries, world-class museums, clubs and theaters with live music.

Annual social events include the very popular Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Ann Arbor Art Fair, and Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival which draws millions of visitors from across the world to the downtown area every year in summer.


The Dexter’s Downtown Corridor is surrounded by historic Main St. and is known for its three-story architecture as well as natural beauty. Residential homes are mixed in among the commercial businesses including the Dexter Pub, flower shops, and art galleries including The Side Door Gallery.

With recent additions to this area including a city-wide wellness center, new shopping, entertainment, dining, and outdoor activity offerings, this corridor is becoming a center for luxury residences and personal amenities.


The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments offers a free trip-planning and commuter-matching service.

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Today, Dexter MI’s residential areas include the original settlements along the Baker Road, Central Street, and Dexter-Ann Arbor Road corridors. In the last few decades, subdivision and condominium housing have also been added to the eastern and western parts of the City. With the peaceful surroundings and availability of all amenities, Dexter makes for an enjoyable and exciting place to explore and live.


Dexter offers exciting new eateries, the Beer Grotto Dexter, creameries, ice cream shops, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms, and much more. The Baker Road Corridor is undergoing a transformation that started in 2010. The Dexter-Ann Arbor Road Corridor is the biggest shopping district and has seen numerous large-scale projects in recent years. There are already two big shopping centers and many smaller businesses related to leisure.

As an award-winning center of recreation, Dexter has lots of things to do in the outdoors. Due to its placement among a lot of rivers and trails, including the Border-to-Border Trail, there is a broad range of entertainment options. Biking, canoeing, walking, kayaking, fishing, and hiking are all popular activities to enjoy at the local parks. There are also extensive sidewalks and trails throughout the city linking popular sites like the Dexter Cider Mill, Farmers Markets, the main library branch, and more.

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