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For Real Estate Agents:

COVID-19 has affected your real estate business, right? Well, as a property agent, you can run your business even in this pandemic. You can encourage your potential customers about how they can buy or rent a house in a safe way. The epidemic has impacted every business in the world. As this is the new normal, you need to know working safer in this crisis.

Here are the 3 best practices for a real estate agent during COVID-19 to run their business in a secure way.

Virtual Tour and Walk-through

The real estate business is easier in this technology-driven era besides the COVID-19 outbreak. You can walk your clients through each corner of a house via a video call. Take your phone and give a trip to your client in an apartment. Make sure that you turn all the lights on for a clear vision. Show them every room as they’re inspecting it. By the way, provide only an online open house to ensure the safety of your potential buyers.

Take the contract negotiation and other documentation online as well after the virtual tour. Using gadgets also helps you show your pre-recording and virtual tour to your other customers. In fact, you can share it on your social media accounts.

Follow the Safety measure from NAR

The National Association of Realtors gives guidelines to estate agents to ensure a safe work environment.  Some of them are: limit the in-persons activities in a building. It shouldn’t be more than three: one seller and two buyers at a time. Notice if they’re serious buyers or market analyzers. Bear in mind that no one should share any document, phone, or even a pen during the tour. Maintain social distance and avoid handshake in the first place.

Be clean Be Safe

Prevention is better than cure. Well-said. As an agent, do verbal health screening of each customer in the outset. Ask if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or stayed around a patient. Moreover, place a hand sanitizer on your desk. Use it before and after the tour, walk-through, or negotiation. Prevent everyone on the tour from touching anything in the house especially the doorknobs.

You, as a realtor, should provide a mask or gloves to your potential buyers if they’ve forgotten. After every tour, make sure to sanitize the house.

For Buyers & Sellers:

Do your research on agents and real estate groups you may be interested in, and ask specific questions about whether they are following the state, local, and community or HOA guidelines fully. Make sure you have full knowledge of how all typically in-person interactions, such as Open Houses, will work, before deciding upon the partner you think you will feel the safest with, and be best protected by.

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